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Amethyst Health Stone is derived from the ancient Greek name amethystos, which means ‘not intoxicated.’ In the 18th-century, the stone was used as an ornamented stone used for decoration by Egyptians and Etruscans. It was used in crafting decorative clips and clasps. It is a member of quartz crystals and gains its colour from the composition of iron present. It is a variety of quartz beautiful purple gemstone that is a rare spiritual stone. Its purple colour has various types of shades, ranging from dense purple to light violet. It is a highly recognized and elegant stone that is used to make exquisite jewellery. This stone is sturdy and robust and always reflects positivity, where it relieves its user’s of stress and any negativity. It is also quite easy to mould. This stone is used during mediation since it is believed to have calming effects on human thoughts and helps one focus on the task they have at hand. It brings peace, enhances patience, and encourages drunkards to remain sober.

The History and Legends

Kings mostly wore the stone since it had more value than diamond; thus, it represented the royals. The Greek god Dionysus, as the discoverer, stated that a man insulted the god of wine. Therefore, Dionysus became infuriated and swore to avenge the insult by killing the next person to cross his path. He then unleashed his anger to a beautiful young maiden who was on her way from paying his respects to Artemis, a goddess of childbirth and virginity. The goddess protected the maiden by turning her to a statue of pure white quartz. Dionysus was remorseful due to his actions, and in his drunken state of anger, poured the grape wine on the white quartz statue that gave it a beautiful violet-purple colour and honoured with a power to prevent the effects of alcohol. In the ancient world, most of the cultures placed the stone as one of the most fabulous and highly-valued stone. In Egypt, it was not one of the most prominent gems, but most of the Egyptians wore it to protect against guilty and fearful feelings, as well as a protection against witchcraft. The stone was also placed in tombs. In ancient China, it was a powerful tool in Feng Shui art. It helped the master of art use harmful energy to chase away life hazards. The stone of royalty was the most expensive, as having to make colour purple was challenging to produce; thus, the colour signified royalty. It goes beyond to the Bible, where Romans mocked Jesus by dressing him in purple since he claimed to be the king of Jews. This has brought Christians to associate the stone with Jesus Christ. It had played a significant role in several English Crown Jewelry the great centerpieces, being St. Edward crown. In mid-1600 the original crown was destroyed during the English civil war. After the war, the monarch was restored, and a replica crown was made for the coronation of Charles II. Legend has it that there was a cursed stone that was a jewel stolen from the temple of Indran in Kanpur during 1857 rebellion. Colonel W. Ferris who brought it to England, passed away and lost all his life savings. The next host to inherit, who was the son, gave the jewellery to his friend who admired the gem and later committed suicide. Edward Heron-Allen, a musician, offered the gem to a lady friend who fell ill and lost her voice never to sing again. Edward learnt about the history of the jewel and locked it up in a vault in the bank and instructed the bank to donate It to the Natural History Museum of London.

Benefits of Amethyst Health Stone

One of the health benefits of the natural stones is cell regeneration, where the stone takes up and reflects far-infrared radiation that increases and supports cell growth. It raises energy levels in the body, thus aiding the healthy growth of the whole body. Some of the cell growth is seen, for example, in case of an injury. It promotes faster healing, regrows hair and skin, and heals a bone fracture in a short duration of time. It helps support healthy lungs, ears, respiratory system, especially in people who occasionally have congested lungs and digestive tract. Similarly, it helps to support and moderate sleep due to the crystals emitting heat that comforts and relaxes the mind, thus bringing a sense of calmness for the body. Stress and anxiety cause headaches, and the use of the stone relieves this pain when placed in the area of pain. The energy from the stone calms and reduces the pain. It reduces nightmares and makes dreams memorable. The stone energy brings balance to mind and emotions, which controls and reduces fear, sadness, anger and anxiety. Also, it aids blood circulation when heated. It is pressed against the skin to raise body temperature that temporarily expands the blood vessels, leading to increased flow and heart rate. For example, it improves the circulation of oxygen and nutrients that are delivered effectively throughout the body organs. Also, it helps to boost and support mood through the energy emitted from the stone. It brings the feeling of compassion, love, and joy, therefore enhances and increases one altogether life satisfaction. Another benefit is that it helps fight bacteria since science has proven that the far-infrared radiation prevents bacteria growth by aiding and hindering a few of the growth-promoting enzymes. It has cleansing abilities that remove toxins from the body and cleanses the blood. The stone helps in healing wounds due to far-infrared radiation that helps repair operations in skin tissues. They include patients undergoing reconstructive surgeries and damaged skin patients from diabetes, chronic and acute conditions.

Types of the Stone

Chevron is one of the most durable natural stones and vibrates at a high frequency. It is used as a medicinal drug for healing and diagnosis. It is dark purple or lavender in colour with layers of white and cream quartz. The minerals are carved and shaped like an egg and originate from Brazil. It is enormous in appearance and has multiple layers. This stone is mostly used for meditation, and it increases the brightness and brings clarity of one’s dream and helps the brain understand life better. Chevron is known to improve peace of mind and helps one relax with sufficient courage for the users due to the inner strength of the stone. The other type is Green, which is known as Prasiolite. This is made and produced from heat treating other quartz. It has a green, pale colour and originated in Brazil and USA. The stone can be cut in round, square, oval, heart, and many more shapes. It is very efficient and excellent in making natural stone jewellery since it is hard and stable, thus durable. It hardly requires special care while wearing it. This stone helps in balancing and restoring the nervous system. It acts as a bridge between spiritual and real-life peace and can help connect by activating the heart to lead human thought and actions. Therefore, it gives strength, happiness, good health, stability, growth, peace, generosity, calmness, and fertility to its users. The other is red which is a combination of two properties: red hematite and smoky quartz. It is crystal red in colour and has a dark smoky purple crystal interior. Its unique qualities instill calmness and a feeling of protection, making the users become better people. This crystal is used for meditation as it helps one stay grounded and encourages self-development. It helps repair damage from wounds and helps people trying to heal from a relationship breakup. The other type is Vera Cruz. This has the most energy among all the stones. It has a light violet pale dark violet in colour and originated in Vera Cruz and Mexico. It is known as the crystal of spirituality and contentment and assists one to connect to peaceful humanity. It blocks stress and eases headaches and protects users from any form of medical attacks. It also enhances sleep and helps reduce bruising and swelling.


In history, the stone is genuinely a beautiful and was very valuable until vast deposits were discovered in the 18th century, where the precious stone lost its value. It represents the maximum expression of beauty due to its pale and lilac colour, to the deep inspired purple colour. With the contact of our skin, the stone is heated and its energy and vibration expands. In litho therapy, the stone is considered a humble and wise gem that stimulates clarity, and enhances creativity and imagination to new ideas. It eases grief, anger, anxiety, stress and fear. Having therapeutic properties, it purifies the physical atmosphere. These stones can be used in exercise rooms to help people recover from any sourness that arises while working out. Being a useful meditation crystal helps in making all new ideas become solid ideas into reality. It is said to be helpful for headaches, back pain and pancreas. The purple raw stone also symbolize success, ambition, luxury and wealth. It does not only stimulate balanced energy it also aids in different medical conditions. You can learn more about these stones at

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