Online training to learn eyelash extensions techniques

eyelash extensions techniques
If you have ever sat in the beauticians while you were getting your eyelash extensions fitted, and thought that you would like to try doing it yourself. Then the only thing which might have stopped you was training or the knowledge of how to. This guide is designed to be your first step on the path to attaching eyelash extensions.

Know Your Stuff

As with nearly everything in life, the more you know, the easier you will find it to apply the extensions. The best place to start is with the basics, heading to an eyelash extension training online guide will only help you to achieve better results. Most eyelash extension training guides will walk you through the basics, but they all start with the same task, getting your equipment ready.

Be Prepared

You will have researched which extensions best match the look you are going for. There is such a wide range of eyelash extensions products available, that you will be able to find the perfect set for your specific look. Once you have decided on the eyelash extension then you will need to have everything else ready to use. You should have your tweezers, the glue, a wand, and a Jade stone all laid out and easily within reach. Before you start, ensure that your hands are clean and wipe the area around the eyes. This will remove any surface dirt and allow the glue to set harder. Once the eyes are clean, apply eye pads, making sure that the eye can still close fully. Then tape the lower lash if you need to secure it in place.

Set The Extensions

Put a pea-sized ball of glue onto the Jade stone, this will last about twenty minutes. Using the tweezers, pick up one eyelash extension, dip it in the glue, coating the end with a small amount of glue. Then attach this to an eyelash. The second extension will be glued 2-3 lashes further along. Leaving this gap will reduce the likelihood of the newly attached lashes getting stuck together. Glue along to the end of the eyelash and then return to fill in the gaps. Pause every few lashes and use the mascara wand to brush the extensions, this will make sure they are lined up straight.

Perfect Your Work

As you are working along the eyelash, some lashes will become stuck together. Using the tweezers and the wand, you can separate these while the glue is still wet. Each eye will take between 60-120 lashes to fill. There are lots of eyelash extensions products which you can choose from, but one essential is a sealer. This will set the glue and make sure that the eyelashes stay on for around four weeks. It is worth spending time checking each eyelash before the sealer is applied. With the eyes still shut, it is easier to line up the extensions. Once you are happy with the result and the sealer has been applied, then you should remove the tape and allow the eye to open slowly. This whole process can take twenty minutes, so it is important to slowly open the eye and let it re-adjust. It will also allow time for the eyelashes to naturally realign as they are opened for the first time.
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