The recipe of the French buckwheat pancake

Also known as buckwheat or buckwheat galettes, Breton galettes are highly appreciated for their exceptional taste, but above all because they can be accompanied by all kinds of toppings. You can therefore easily personalize your dish according to your desires and tastes. The ideas for the recipe are therefore numerous and depend entirely on your preferences. In any case, the preparation of the dough remains the same.

Making the recipe

To prepare the recipe for the Brittany cake, first you should allow 2 hours of rest time for the dough. In all, the preparation time is 2 hours and 20 minutes. Baking will take 40 minutes on average, but the steps involved in making the cake are not as complex as decorating a cake. The ingredients to have are: - 250 g buckwheat flour - 75 cl of water - Salt (preferably coarse salt) - 1 egg and butter The utensils needed to successfully prepare a Brittany pancake are the traditional Breton cider, the rake and pancake plates and the spatula.

Stages of preparation

First, the first thing to do to cook the Breton galette recipe is to prepare the galette dough. Put the buckwheat flour in a bowl and dig a well, then put the salt in the middle. Gradually pour in water and stir strongly with a spoon to avoid lumps. Your dough will then be fluid and thick. Then add the egg to prevent the dough from sticking and mix it well. Then put the dough in the fridge and let it rest for 2 hours. Remember to cover it with cling film.

Baking steps

Butter your pan to make the recipe for the Brittany pancake or put lard on the pancake. The ideal way to cook the Brittany cake is, of course, on a low or medium heat. To cook the pastry with the pan, pour a ladle of pastry, once the butter has melted, and spread it over the entire surface. Cook the dough for 1 to 2 minutes on each side and then remove it from the heat. The best option to cook your Breton pancakes is to use a crepe pan. Remember to set the temperature to 250° and grease the surface well with lard. You can then add all the toppings you want to the inside of your pancakes and then roll or fold them in 4.
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