What kind of business gift or goodies to offer ?

Promotional gifts

Over the years, offering advertising objects has become a must for companies. The goal is to build customer loyalty, but also to find new prospects. There is a myriad of gift choices on the market. But what types of goodies are effective?

Opt for original gifts

If you want your gift to be effective with your customers, look for an original idea. However, first consider the type of clientele to whom you are going to give the gift. The following example is very concrete. In case you own a travel agency, a personalised cheap suitcase trolley is an effective promotional item. Why? Each time the customer uses the suitcase, he will keep a positive image of your agency. Nevertheless, you should personalize the cheap trolley suitcase with the colors of your agency. The advantage of original gifts is the fact that they also make an impression on your client's entourage. You will have a strong chance of getting new prospects. This is the aim of this kind of communication campaign.

The advantages of office supplies

Office supplies have been among the top gifts for several years. Customized office supplies in the company's colours will ensure that the company's image is engraved with customers. A personalised notebook, a personalised advertising agenda, etc. are just a few examples that will always make an impact. These accessories are useful in everyday life. Therefore, every time the customer uses them, there is a strong chance that he will remember your company. In other words, office supplies strengthen the bond between the customer and the company. Take the example of the timeless advertising pen. A pen has a long-life span. The effect of the communication will therefore be long-lasting. In France, it is the most widely used advertising object because of its effectiveness. However, even if the investment is inexpensive, one should opt for a quality pen. The aim is to offer a quality image to customers, but not a bad memory. In short, office supplies are advantageous in terms of price and efficiency.

Textiles to stand out from the competition

Offering giveaways is also a method used to set oneself apart from the competition. The perfect type of gift for this purpose is by far the promotional textiles. After all, you have a wide choice when it comes to personalisation. In addition, scarves, T-shirts, hats, polo shirts, etc. are kept by customers for a minimum of 5 years. It is therefore a long-term means of communication. You can also donate personalised cloth bags. Bags are among the most effective visual communication tools. They offer visibility to your company at every use. Fabric bags are also a low-cost investment. If you want to convey a nice image of your company, offer your customers reusable cloth bags. In short, personalised bags are a sure value when it comes to promotional gifts. Recently, personalized socks have become more and more fashionable. This kind of goodies will leave a lasting impression on your customers' minds. In addition, socks are suitable for all types of customers (men, women, seniors, children...). Therefore, you must pay attention to the quality of the fabric. A poor-quality gift will also mark the spirit of the customers.

Other ideas that can make an impact

Sweets are perfect during a professional event. Indeed, offering personalized candy or chocolate will attract more people to your stand. We now live in the age of technology. You may have noticed that high-tech objects are also making their way into the field of corporate gifts. In the front row is the personalised USB flash drive. Apart from a USB stick, you can opt for other accessories such as a powerbank battery, Bluetooth speakerphone, etc. The personalised bottle opener is effective if your customer base is predominantly male. So even when opening a bottle of beer, the customer will think of your company. On Valentine's Day, a personalized candle will delight couples wishing to organize a romantic evening. You have seen some examples of goodies and effective giveaways. However, be aware that the choice will also depend on a few criteria. First, define your type of clientele beforehand. Secondly, also think about when you are going to offer the gift (trade show, promotion, parties...). Thirdly, the cost of the communication campaign will depend on the type of customer.
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