Home staging or property valuation: advantages

The principle of home staging consists in deciding, interior decoration. The staging contributes to the real estate valuation whose objective is to sell it better. This sales strategy aims to simplify the search for buyers thanks to decoration techniques that appeared on the other side of the Atlantic in 1970.

The main advantages of home staging

A potential buyer decides to buy a home in the first 90 seconds of the visit. The principle of home staging is to provoke a real crush among buyers. To do this, the decorator enhances the home by helping visitors to visualize the full potential of the property by creating a neutral and pleasant atmosphere. The home staging makes the property stand out from the competition, makes the home more neutral so that it will appeal to many customers. In order to attract customers, home staging techniques include the enhancement of the properties for sale with professional quality photos. This technique allows you to benefit from a real return on investment. 93% of properties that have been home staged sell in less than a month.

Definition and practices of home staging

Home staging is a process of optimization of real estate sales. If the term means mainly staging of the house, this concept developed by Barbara Schwardz also refers to real estate valuation. To a lesser extent, home staging means property valuation. Its objective is to increase the value of a property for sale by conditioning the buyer's state of mind when he first visits the property. In order to enhance the value of a property, the home staging specialist's mission is to depersonalize the home. Other methods consist of taking the clutter out of the house, cleaning it from top to bottom, carrying out necessary repairs and refreshing it with suitable interior decoration.

Home staging: the art of selling a property quickly

To help potential buyers to easily project themselves into a home, the principle of home staging consists in taking care of the decoration or the presentation of a home put up for sale. To do this, it is sometimes necessary to repaint the walls with acidulous tones with more neutral colours and to remove any object that has a relationship with the former owner. Thanks to the techniques of residential enhancement as well as the art of enhancing the value of a property, the owner who puts up for sale his home staged property will be able to sell it at the market price in a short period of time, without any reduction in price.
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