Steps to follow to sell a house

To sell a house, it is quite possible to do so without going through a real estate agency. It is essential to gather the documents required for the sale of the house. Here are the steps to follow to make a successful real estate transaction.

Mandatory diagnoses to make a successful home sale

People who wish to sell their property must necessarily complete certain formalities relating to the compulsory property diagnostics as well as the promise and deed of sale. The sale of a house or an apartment requires mandatory diagnoses. Dwellings located in an area covered by a plan for the representation of technological risks require the presence of the diagnosis State of natural and technological risks. Diagnostics to assess the energy performance, the state of the interior installation of gas, electricity are also essential when selling homes. The private surface area must be certified for all properties in co-ownership in accordance with the Carrez law. Diagnosis of termites, asbestos and risk of exposure to lead are necessary when selling certain properties.

Promise, provisional sale agreement and deed of sale

A seller who finds a buyer must sign a promesse de vente, a compromise sale whose documents contain several pieces of information such as: the address of the property concerned by the transaction, its surface area, a description of the property, the civil status of the seller and the buyer, the price and the terms of sale, the date scheduled for the signing of the deed of sale, the origin of the property and the date of the previous deed of sale... The unilateral promise to sell is only signed by the seller as for the compromise sale, it is signed by the 2 parties concerned. At the end of the promise or the compromise of sale, the seller signs a deed of sale with the buyer before the notary. When the deed of sale is signed, the document is published at the mortgage office.

A few steps to take before the sale of a property is put on the market

Before property is put up for sale, the owner must carry out a home valuation and property appraisals. The calculation of the Carrez Law surface area is important to avoid penalties related to the declaration. The standards of habitability, the different diagnoses of the property and the payment of the charges of servitude must also be checked. If the signature of a compromise or promise of sale can be done without the presence of a notary, the presence of the expert is mandatory when signing the contract of sale.
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