Rent a car online for your holiday in the uk

Rent a car

Throughout the UK there are thousands of locations with beautiful scenery and interesting attractions. Magnificent mountains in areas such as Wales, Scotland and the Peak District are never far from vibrant towns. The wildernesses of Exmoor and Dartmoor can suddenly open up onto busy coastal resorts. The best way to enjoy the variety of a holiday in the UK is to have the freedom to drive between locations. And the most flexible, affordable way to do that is to choose peer to peer car rental.

Why Choose Private Car Rental UK instead of Using Your own Car?

If you want to tour anywhere in the UK you'll find the varied landscape can have very different requirements. Your own particular car may not be ideal for all the places you want to visit. Car sharing UK gives you the opportunity to rent the most appropriate vehicle for your location. The stirring valleys and dales of Yorkshire are not to be missed whatever the weather, but the rugged terrain can sometimes be muddy and you'll benefit from the power of a four by four vehicle. Journeying into busy cities can be much more accessible when driving a compact hatchback. Many of York's most memorable attractions such as the Castle, York Minster and the Medieval Shambles are set amongst its narrow, ancient streets. By using a company such as which used to be known as uk getaround, you can enjoy flexible car sharing throughout your holiday.

What is Peer to Peer Car Rental UK?

It's a convenient, easy to use system that provides twenty-four access to thousands of private vehicles throughout the UK. Verified, registered owners place their vehicles with a reliable online agency that specialises in peer to peer car rental. You can select and book a vehicle online, drive it during part or all of your holiday then simply return it. The system has become such a popular method of vehicle rental that you'll find a great selection of cars in every area of the UK. It is the most flexible and affordable form of private car hire you'll find.

What do You Need to Use Peer to Peer Car Rental UK?

Registering as a driver is easy as the whole transaction is conducted online. All you have to do is upload various documents such as your driving licence and photographic identification. Verification usually involves a real time selfie taken on your mobile. The vehicles that are available for private car rental are all vetted to ensure they are roadworthy and in good condition. Insurance and road assistance are included so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Private Car Hire Couldn't be Easier

When you locate the vehicle you've booked, access the app to unlock it by remote control. You'll find the keys hidden inside. It will be ready fuelled so you can start your UK adventure holiday immediately. Rental rates are affordably priced and charged in hours, days or weeks. When your rental is at an end, refill the car with petrol and leave it in a pre-arranged location. Hide the keys inside and securely lock it using the app. It's a flexible form of car sharing that's ideal for holidaying in the UK.

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