Travel agency : which tour to choose ?

Do you want to go to a key destination to escape from it all? Why not go through a travel agency? You can benefit from the expertise of a professional. What's more, he will be your ally throughout your stay. But how do you find the right one? And what type of tour to choose?

The criteria for choosing an agency!

Of course, the specialists in tailor-made travel are growing day by day. And finding the rare pearl becomes more and more difficult. First of all, to check the seriousness of the agency, if you plan to use a service provider in France, make sure that it is registered in the register of travel and stay operators. Then, to benefit from a more varied catalogue, choose a generalist tour operator. Otherwise, for specific trips, opt for a specialized tour operator! The reputation of an agency also plays a crucial role. Therefore, it would be better to turn to professionals who are well known on the market and who already have experience in the sector. This is a guarantee of the quality of their service!

How to choose the circuit?

In a country, there are several unmissable sites that deserve a little detour during your trip. Each expert can design a different itinerary for you. The ideal would be to work with a local agency that knows very well every nook and cranny of the region. They can optimize the route and easily schedule your trip hour by hour and day by day so that you don't miss the essentials. This will also allow you to maximise the visits you make. In short, for an authentic trip, opt for an original tour. In any case, compare several offers before committing yourself. Check out the tours offered by 3 or 4 providers to find a cheap stay with a better value for money.

A few tips!

Read the contract carefully before signing. Some details could cost you a lot of money: - Travel insurance - The conditions of reimbursement in the event of withdrawal by the agency or the client - The services included in the price: accommodation, catering, activities... - Etc. Also, check the amount of the booking fee (or commission) charged by the agent as a cheap all-inclusive trip can become more expensive in the end if you are going to pay significant extras! And finally, if you have any wishes, don't hesitate to share them with your tour operator. He will then be able to concoct an à la carte trip that meets your expectations and your means. Attention! Some tours are accessible all year round. However, the others are only punctual!
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