What is a tour package?

Many professionals currently offer tourist packages to meet the expectations of customers. Among these different offers, the tour package is one of the most popular formulas. But what is it? What are the services included in the package and how much should be included?

What exactly is an organised trip?

A tour package is a service offered by tour operators, lasting at least 24 hours. It concerns what is known as an "all-inclusive stay" which includes at least two services: flight and accommodation. However, it can also include excursions, activities, meals, internal transfers... Indeed, thanks to a tailor-made travel expert, clients can be relieved of all travel arrangements: the search for a good address for food and accommodation, a cheap flight, the elaboration of an accompanied tour... In short, they will only have to pack their suitcase to set off on their adventure without worrying about anything!

The different types of organized trips

To satisfy travellers, the tour operator suggests two distinct options: - The advertised tour package: the destination, the date and the activities to be performed are already determined in advance. And everything related to the trip is included in the cost. Online, you will find a multitude of offers that can meet your expectations. - Tailor-made stays: for this package, it is the client who imposes his wishes and conditions on the agency. The agency will do its utmost to concoct the stay of his dreams, whether in terms of standing, centres of interest...

The advantages of a tour package

First, you may have a crush on the proposed destination or itinerary. The specialists will be at your disposal to meet your every wish: luxury travel, tailor-made... Then, everything will be planned by the agency: your programme will be known in advance and your day will be scheduled hour by hour and day by day. Then, for solitary travellers looking for a bit of company, they will be able to make friends during the trip. Moreover, you will be able to leave in complete peace of mind, even in areas where there are security problems. You will be assisted by a French-speaking guide who knows the different corners of the country. You will be in good hands! And finally, the price may surprise you. By opting for this formula, you will be able to get the best deal!!!
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