What type of glass is used in ampoules?


The main type of glass used in the making of ampoules is Borosilicate glass. Several reasons make this possible. In this article, you will get to know why a glass ampoule manufacturer opts to use it and not other glasses.

Has A Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient

Borosilicate’s thermal expansion coefficient is about one-third of an ordinary soda lime glass. This simply means that it is a type of hardcore glass. This important property makes them more resistant to thermal shock as compared to any other common glass. This also means that when it is subjected to high temperatures produced from the glass ampoule it is less likely to be subjected to thermal stress. It can withstand temperature differentials without fracturing. This property also makes it malleable during the crafting of bulbs.

Shows high chemical resistance in a corrosive environment

A glass ampoule manufacturer puts into consideration the corrosion properties of glass before even attempting to make a glass ampoule. Borosilicate is quite resistant to both neutral and acidic solutions. This is very convenient having in mind that due to its resistance the bulb will go for long without you replacing it. This is very economical. There is only a small number of items that can corrode a borosilicate-made glass ampoule but they are not a major problem. These are hydrofluoric acid,conc. Phosphoric acid and caustic solutions at elevated temperatures.

Optical Clarity Of The Glass

It is an obvious case when it comes to a bulb that it has to be visible. This is because visibility is one of the main reasons why people install bulbs in their houses or even in entertainment facilities. The glass can be smoothed to allow an instructable passage of light with very little interference. However, there is a slight decrease in the visibility of the glass when there is an addition of Secratans coating, which is always optional and prevents the glass from getting scratched.

Has A Compact Design and Firmness

Compared to other glasses, the borosilicate-made glass ampoule bulb is more compact and firm. This advantage I widely attributed to the chemical property of the mother glass. This characteristic is not only beneficial to the last consumers who are going to buy the product but also to the manufacturer. This is mainly advantageous to facilities that are being hit by the reduction of space. Losses are also avoided since the material is long-lasting. Shipping, delivery, and installation of the bulbs are also made easier.

It Is Affordable

Money is saved by buying borosilicate instead of other materials. As a manufacturer, You will be able to put the customer in a good position of buying the bulb. This is very important since they will have an enjoyable time without having to go into financial restraints.

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