What is an ecological gym?

Ecological gym? The concept, which has been around for a few years now, fits perfectly with sustainable development. If you want to do sports while contributing a lot to the environment, a green gym of tomorrow will certainly be an ideal solution for you. But what does it really consist of?

What does the concept consist of?

In a sports hall, energy overflows from everywhere, and as long as the club is open: repeated efforts, intensive training... And why not use this energy to produce real energy that can be put to good use? That's how the concept was born. In fact, the ecological gym is a gym like any other, but where the human energy produced by the training of the members is transformed into a new form of energy that can be used afterwards.

Sports machines that produce energy

The ecological gym is since the equipment used can produce usable energy. In fact, the machines are equipped with a dynamo system that is connected to a transformer. The box makes it possible, among other things, to transform the energy expended by the sportsman into useful energy. This energy will then be conserved or used by the gym to reduce its electricity bill. These special machines of the eco-friendly gym have been manufactured to be risk-free for both the user and the gym. And yet, when they are used properly, they allow the recovery of nearly 75% of the energy produced by the sportsperson. To be installed on bicycles or elliptical bikes, the device can be connected to 10 machines at the same time and will therefore be able to recover the energy of 10 devices.

How will the energy be used?

When the device is installed on the machines of the ecological sports hall, it can produce nearly 2000 Watts per hour when running at full speed. To give you an idea of the amount produced, you should know that these 2000 watts correspond to 6 hours of washing machine, 40 hours of charge for a laptop, 8.5 hours of stereo radio, 17 hours of flat screen TV or 133 hours of DVD player. The green gym will then not only be able to light up the room, but also reduce its bill and, at the same time, lower the rate for subscriptions.
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